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6th Grade science teacher at White Oak Middle School, 8th grade girls volleyball, basketball, and track coach. Recent graduate of Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em). I was born in Tyler, Texas and lived in Lindale most of my life. I also lived in Odessa, TX and Levelland, TX in my elementary and middle school days. I am daughter of two teachers who also coach. I love science and I can't wait to share the excitement of it with my students.

Last Week of School! :) May 25-29


Hello Parents and Students, I can’t believe that summer is just 4 school days away! Thank you so much for a great year, these kids have been awesome and I wish them the best of luck in 7th grade! As you have probably heard I will be moving at the end of the school year. […]

Week 35 May 16-22


Hello Parents and Students, 2 more weeks, can’t believe it! This week week we are going to cover plate tectonics as well as review rocks and the rock cycle throughout the week. Objective: 6.10 C,D Students will locate and identify the major tectonic plates on a world map. They will describe how different types of […]

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Rock Cycle Videos


Rock Cycle Rock Cycle Song



Maroon Day classes were sent home with some information to read for homework. They should have 3 sheets over the types of rocks. They need to read and highlight the important parts. (definitions, processes, examples) This will be due Thursday White day classes will get this tomorrow. If you were absent come see me before […]

Week 34 May 11-15


Hello Parents and Students, I am so excited for the next two weeks…we get to explore ROCKS!!! We are going to have so much fun, you will never look at rocks the same! 🙂 Objective: 6.10 B We will classify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks based on the processes of their formation. They will develop […]

Week 33 May 4-8


Hello Parents and Students, 4 more weeks, so crazy!! Solar System test retake on Monday in Mr. Scotts room during first period! *Extra Credit on the test- 20 GOOD facts about Earths Interior PROJECTS ARE DUE THIS WEEK! Maroon- DUE MONDAY White- DUE TUESDAY Objective: 6.10 B We will classify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks […]

Earth’s Interior Model


Earths Interior

Week 32- April 27-31


Hello Parents and Students, 5 more weeks, I can’t believe it! Projects are due next week! May 4th and 5th! This week we are moving on to learn about Earth’s Structure. We will talk about the different layers and their physical properties. Anything that we do not get finished in class will be homework! Objective: […]

Week 31- April 20-24


Hello Parents and Students, We will be taking the STAAR test this week for math and reading. We will also be finishing the solar system unit this week. Next week we are moving on the Earths Structure Objective: Finish exploring solar system space vehicles, and take solar system test Monday: Space exploration Notes Tuesday/Wednesday: STAAR […]

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Week 30 April 13-17


Hello Parents and Students, I hope you all a good weekend, we have a ton to get done this week. I will be out Monday and Tuesday, so the students will get the day to work on their projects. I told them to come prepared bringing whatever they needed to be productive. Objective: 6.11 A,B […]

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