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6th Grade science teacher at White Oak Middle School, 8th grade girls volleyball, basketball, and track coach. Recent graduate of Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em). I was born in Tyler, Texas and lived in Lindale most of my life. I also lived in Odessa, TX and Levelland, TX in my elementary and middle school days. I am daughter of two teachers who also coach. I love science and I can't wait to share the excitement of it with my students.

Week 9!


Hello parents and students, We are off to a good start for the 2nd nine weeks! We will be continuing our study over Elements, Compounds, and evidence of change. I will be out Monday Objective: 6.5C,D Students will differentiate common compounds by name and symbol. They will recognize that the formation of a new substance […]

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Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Periodic Table Chemistry Quiz Fun Trivia Poll Question

Box Tops Standings


Way to go 2nd Period Maroon! I am so proud of you guys! We have until the end of October to bring Box tops! Keep them coming!

Week 8 Oct 20-24 **1st 9 weeks ends Tuesday


Hello Parents and Students This is the end of the first 9 weeks, time is just flying! Monday and Tuesday will be our re-teach and re-test days for the 9 weeks test we took last week. Then we will be starting Unit 4- “Elements, Compounds, and Evidence of Change.” Objective: 6.5C,D Students will differentiate common […]

Week 7 Oct. 13-17


Hello Parents and students This week we are continuing our study on Elements and their place on Earth. We will pick up where we left off last week talking about “Building Blocks of Matter” and “Abundance of Elements.” Mondays classes have their elements cards that are due, and Tuesday classes have their “building blocks of […]

Element Card Resources


Web Elements Periodic Table Its Elemental LIfe Elements

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Week 6 Oct 6- 10


Hello Parents and Students, Happy October! Hope you are enjoying this fall weather so far! This week we will be talking about Elements and Their Place on Earth, and we should be done with topic by the end of the 9 weeks! Students will be researching different elements to find out more about them and […]

Week 6 Sept 29-Oct 3rd.


Hello parents and students, TEST WEEK! We have completed our first unit, that means assessment time! We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday, and the test will be Wednesday/Thursday. (Wednesdays has an adjusted schedule, so the class with the shortened period will have more time the next class period) So start studying your notes!! **Students […]

Week 5 Sept. 22-26


Hello Parents and Students, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. This week we will be starting physical properties of minerals. Minerals have many of the same properties as elements, so we will comparing the two to see their similarities and differences. I will be out Friday of this week. Students will compare minerals using physical […]

Week 4!


Hello Parents and Students, Time is already flying by! Last week we started learning some new concepts, and this week we will be diving into density and hopefully be able to talk about minerals on Friday. We are probably about two weeks away from our first unit test. Objective: Students will Calculate density of a […]

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