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6th Grade science teacher at White Oak Middle School, 8th grade girls volleyball, basketball, and track coach. Recent graduate of Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em). I was born in Tyler, Texas and lived in Lindale most of my life. I also lived in Odessa, TX and Levelland, TX in my elementary and middle school days. I am daughter of two teachers who also coach. I love science and I can't wait to share the excitement of it with my students.

Stomp Rocket Instructions


Stomp Rockets

I need some help!!


Okay friends, I need some help. I need some empty two liter bottles for our activity on Friday. I just need around 10 bottles. So, for the first 10 students to bring me an empty 2 liter bottle I will give you a homework pass!! Thank you!!

Week 25 March 2- 6


Hello, Since last week was a little crazy, we will have to catch up this week. You students most likely has homework due next week. Maroon day classes have part 1 and 2 of walking lab and White day classes have part 1 and 2 of walking lab and Speed, velocity, and acceleration page. Objective: […]

Week 24 Feb 23-27


Hello Parents and Students, We will be continuing out study over force and motion this week, this unit will take us all the way to end of the 9 weeks. This 9 weeks ends that Friday we get back from Spring Break! Objective: 6.8 A, B, C, D Students will investigate motion through a variety […]

Week 23- No School Monday! :)


Hello Parents and Students, I hope you are enjoying your much deserved 3 day weekend! We finished up energy transfers and transformations last week, and this week we are moving on to motion and speed. We will have some math to do in this unit, so be prepared! Depending on the weather, we will try […]

Week 22 – Test this week


Hello, We will be finishing up our unit on thermal energy transfer this week. Be looking for homework Tuesday and Wednesday night, as well as studying. We need to be looking over Potential and kinetc, energy forms, transformations, and thermal energy transfer. Everyone should have great notes to study, as well as a song to […]

Week 21


Hello Parents and students! This semester seems to be going by faster than the last, I didn’t think that would be possible! I hope the kids are enjoying our energy unit, this week will be a fun one! Objective: This lesson focuses on the movement of thermal energy through processes such as conduction, convection, and […]

Week 20


Hello Parents and Students This week will be getting into energy transformations. This will be a fun week because we will be up and moving quite a bit! Wednesday is a Half day! Objective: 6.9C Students will compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy using a simple system and demonstrate energy transformations that occur within […]

Wind Power to light the super bowl


Great article I found about how they are going to use Wind Energy to Power the Super Bowl. Great info to use in your debate Salt River Project will light the Feb. 1 Super Bowl in metro Phoenix with electricity from wind power. The municipal utility announced the energy sponsorship Tuesday, although the board of […]

Week 19 January 19-23


Hello Parents and Students, We are just about done with energy resources. We will be having our debate in the think lab on Tuesday and Wednesday, then have a quick open note test on Thursday/Friday. I will be gone at the UIL meet on Friday Objective: 6.7 Students research and debate the advantages and disadvantages […]

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