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6th Grade science teacher at White Oak Middle School, 8th grade girls volleyball, basketball, and track coach. Recent graduate of Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em). I was born in Tyler, Texas and lived in Lindale most of my life. I also lived in Odessa, TX and Levelland, TX in my elementary and middle school days. I am daughter of two teachers who also coach. I love science and I can't wait to share the excitement of it with my students.

Week 20


Hello Parents and Students This week will be getting into energy transformations. This will be a fun week because we will be up and moving quite a bit! Wednesday is a Half day! Objective: 6.9C Students will compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy using a simple system and demonstrate energy transformations that occur within […]

Wind Power to light the super bowl


Great article I found about how they are going to use Wind Energy to Power the Super Bowl. Great info to use in your debate Salt River Project will light the Feb. 1 Super Bowl in metro Phoenix with electricity from wind power. The municipal utility announced the energy sponsorship Tuesday, although the board of […]

Week 19 January 19-23


Hello Parents and Students, We are just about done with energy resources. We will be having our debate in the think lab on Tuesday and Wednesday, then have a quick open note test on Thursday/Friday. I will be gone at the UIL meet on Friday Objective: 6.7 Students research and debate the advantages and disadvantages […]

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Week 18


Hello Parents and Students, We made it through the first week back and we finished our projects, WHEW!! This week we are finishing our energy resources research to prepare for our debate. We also have to take our universal screener this week. Objective: Students research and debate the advantages and disadvantages of using specified energy […]

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Welcome Back! Week 17


Hello Parents, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years! I am so excited for this semester, we have so many cool new things to learn! But first we have to get those projects done from last semester. We will then be jumping into energy resources. Objective: Present projects: Due […]

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Week 16- Final Exams


Last week before Christmas Break! I can’t believe that it is already here. We have a busy week full of test :/ You will take you 4th and 5th period exam on Thursday, and you 2nd and 3rd on Friday. Both of those days are half days! Students need to bring home composition books and […]

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Week 15- Test Week


Hello Parents and Students, We are finishing up our Biology unit this week. We will review for our 9 weeks test Tuesday and Wednesday, and then test Thursday Friday. Anytime we have left over in class we will work on our projects! This test will cover everything from Classification of Living things to Levels of […]

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Project Due Date Change


Hello parents and students, We have to change to due date for the project, we will have not have time to present projects before the semester ends so the projects will be due the week we get back from the break. Also, students will not have to write the one page paper. Here is in […]

Week 14! Welcome Back!


Hello Parents and Students, I hope you all enjoyed the break! We are getting closer and closer to Christmas break, cannot believe this semester is nearly over! We are finishing up our unit on living things and then we will be moving to environments. Projects are in full swing, make sure we are making progress […]

Week 13- Thanksgiving Break Week!


Hello Parents and Students, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! We have short week this week, we will get out at 11:30 on Tuesday! Remember to work on your project over the weekend! this weeks objective: Students will learn about the cell theory, scientists who led to the development of the cell theory, and how […]

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